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Can't believe I didn't know about this game releasing!

Well this was hilarious.

 I will admit, there were many times I thought you were laying on the "the devs are complete idiots" angle on a little too thick, and the wackiness got overplayed - like the player character suddenly pulling a gun, as hilarious as it was. 

 But every time that thought crept into my mind, there was a subtler joke, or at least another completely out of left field one to balance it out - like the immobile zombie that plays the same scare chord every time you walk past, or the bendy handles. 

 All in all, I ended up with a lot of genuinely hearty laughs t the expense of some tired horror game clichés. VERY good work, I had a blast.

This is the most fun I think I've ever had with a horror game, it's so well done!!!

Why am I here ? Where is the loading screen ? Well this game was hella fun. Wasn't expecting that at ALL. Love it, good job. 

I need lighter graphics guys :/
It only runs on "super"

:D fun game ;D