A downloadable game for Windows

Unsettling events in the depths of hell

Free08Games is back with yet another horror game where you have to
search for someone.

Your roommate Theodor has disappeared.
Discover the shocking truth behind his disappearance (or maybe it's not shocking at all, find out).
Solve more or less cleverly designed puzzles.
Fight the forces of evil in exciting melee combat (if we can get the melee system to work, I would not count on it).

A story told by a voice actor (he's not a great voice actor but was willing to work for free)
Physics based on the theory of gravity

Those events are rather unsettling...

Install instructions

Just unzip and start the UnsettlingEventsInTheDepthsOfHell.exe


UEITDOH.zip 623 MB


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Well this was hilarious.

 I will admit, there were many times I thought you were laying on the "the devs are complete idiots" angle on a little too thick, and the wackiness got overplayed - like the player character suddenly pulling a gun, as hilarious as it was. 

 But every time that thought crept into my mind, there was a subtler joke, or at least another completely out of left field one to balance it out - like the immobile zombie that plays the same scare chord every time you walk past, or the bendy handles. 

 All in all, I ended up with a lot of genuinely hearty laughs t the expense of some tired horror game clichés. VERY good work, I had a blast.

This is the most fun I think I've ever had with a horror game, it's so well done!!!

Why am I here ? Where is the loading screen ? Well this game was hella fun. Wasn't expecting that at ALL. Love it, good job. 

I need lighter graphics guys :/
It only runs on "super"

Epic comedy horror thay breaks the 4th wall had a good time playing this

:D fun game ;D